Godot release policy

Godot versioning

Godot는 ``major.minor.patch``버전 번호를 사용합니다. 그러나, 의미론적 버전 지정 은 엄격히 따르지는 않아도 됩니다 . 즉, 해당 표준 (3.1 -> 3.2 등) 에 의해 "Semver-minor"로 간주되는 릴리스는 변경사항을 가장 많이 도입할 것 입니다. 그럼에도 불구하고 3.2 -> 4.0 과 같은 "Semver-major" 버전 범프만큼 많은 획기적인 변화는 없을 것 입니다.

In the interest of stability and usability, patch releases may occasionally introduce small breaking changes as well. When repackaging Godot projects (e.g. in a Flatpak), make sure to always use the same patch version as the one used to initially export the project.


The first release in a major/minor release series doesn't end with a trailing zero. For example, the first release in the 3.2 series is 3.2, not 3.2.0.

Release support timeline

Godot versions are supported for a certain amount of time. While these durations are not set in stone, here's a table with the expected level of support for each Godot version:

Version Release date Support level
Godot 4.0 ~2021 (see below) unstable Current focus of development (unstable).
Godot 3.2 2020년 1월 supported Backwards-compatible new features (backported from the master branch) as well as bug, security, and platform support fixes.
Godot 3.1 2019년 3월 partial Only critical, security and platform support fixes.
Godot 3.0 January 2018 partial Only critical, security and platform support fixes.
Godot 2.1 July 2016 partial Only critical, security and platform support fixes.
Godot 2.0 February 2016 eol No longer supported.
Godot 1.1 May 2015 eol No longer supported.
Godot 1.0 December 2014 eol No longer supported.

Legend: supported Full support - partial Partial support - eol No support (end of life) - unstable Development version

Pre-release Godot versions aren't intended to be used in production and are provided on a best-effort basis.

When is the next release out?

While Godot contributors aren't working under any deadlines, there's usually a major or minor Godot release made available every year. Following this trend, this means Godot 4.0 will most likely be released in 2021.

Patch releases are made available more frequently, typically every 2-6 months while a release is fully supported. Partially supported releases will only have new patch releases once an important security or platform support fix has been merged.

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The roadmap repository documents features that have been agreed upon and may be implemented in future Godot releases.