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Inherits: VisualShaderNode < Resource < RefCounted < Object

Inherited By: VisualShaderNodeBooleanParameter, VisualShaderNodeColorParameter, VisualShaderNodeFloatParameter, VisualShaderNodeIntParameter, VisualShaderNodeTextureParameter, VisualShaderNodeTransformParameter, VisualShaderNodeUIntParameter, VisualShaderNodeVec2Parameter, VisualShaderNodeVec3Parameter, VisualShaderNodeVec4Parameter

A base type for the parameters within the visual shader graph.


A parameter represents a variable in the shader which is set externally, i.e. from the ShaderMaterial. Parameters are exposed as properties in the ShaderMaterial and can be assigned from the Inspector or from a script.









enum Qualifier:

Qualifier QUAL_NONE = 0

The parameter will be tied to the ShaderMaterial using this shader.

Qualifier QUAL_GLOBAL = 1

The parameter will use a global value, defined in Project Settings.

Qualifier QUAL_INSTANCE = 2

The parameter will be tied to the node with attached ShaderMaterial using this shader.

Qualifier QUAL_MAX = 3

Represents the size of the Qualifier enum.

Property Descriptions

String parameter_name = ""

  • void set_parameter_name ( String value )

  • String get_parameter_name ( )

Name of the parameter, by which it can be accessed through the ShaderMaterial properties.

Qualifier qualifier = 0

Defines the scope of the parameter.