CLion is a commercial JetBrains IDE for C++.

Importing the project

CLion requires a CMakeLists.txt file as a project file, which is problematic for Godot because it uses the SCons buildsystem instead of CMake. However, there is a CMakeLists.txt configuration for Android Studio which can also be used by CLion.

  • From the CLion's welcome window choose the option to import an existing project. If you've already opened another project, choose File > Open from the top menu.
  • Navigate to <Godot root directory>/platform/android/java/lib (the CMakeLists.txt file is located there) and select it (but not the CMakeLists.txt file itself), then click OK.

The folder containing the CMakeLists.txt file.

  • If this popup window appears, select This Window to open the project:
  • Choose Tools > CMake > Change Project Root from the top menu and select the Godot root folder.
  • You should be now be able to see all the project files. Autocomplete should work once the project has finished indexing.

If you run into any issues, ask for help in one of Godot's community channels.